National Advertisers Accounting - Same company same scam!

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The same thing happened to our small business.We paid by credit card over the phone and never got a thing for our money.

The only difference is we called the credit card company and had a three way conference call with the scammers who denied it all. The credit card company refunded our money:) BEWARE OF THESE SO CALLED 'MAD' ADVERTISERS!! We have noticed that several scammers target small business owners. We also have people pretend to be interested in our product just to use stolen credit card numbers and run an international shipping scam.

Look out for rude, fast talking people with accents and common American names.If it looks like a know.

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National Advertisers Accounting, Inc.

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Not resolved

We are a small business paying for local radio advertising.

-NO copy was sent to us for confirmation before scheduled air dates.

-Ad was never heard on air. We tuned in at the scheduled times but never heard the ad.

-Called to receive confirmation of ad being aired and received nothing but voicemails. Several returned calls from representatives that could not help. Finally left a message requesting a call back from management to resolve issue.

-Once managment was informed they would not confirm airing of ad. Paid bill over phone to be done with the whole mess.

-Received numerous phone calls after paying the bill demanding payment. Finally had to threaten legal involvment to get them to stop calling us asking for money that they already had!


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Sad to say, you got scammed. Google National Advertisers Accounting (all variations they've used over the years) and you'll see numerous people claiming the same thing. Many have gone on to successfully get their money back from these *** bags!

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Yeha its true in from Texas and nothing but just calling they need the money $$$$ i never hear the massage on air i don't know but they are so crazy people only money money


I had exactly the same complaint with this company.They contacted me over the phone.

We are a small company and thought that Radio Ad exposure would be very worthwhile.I never received any confirmation information from National Advertisers Accounting, Inc, Mount Prospect, Ill. Then all of a sudden, they send me a bill and tell me that I owe them the money.

I asked for any proof that the ads were broadcast and they would not send it.What a rip off!!!!!!

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